Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2

Fish shooting games are always the most popular topic in the online gaming world today. Therefore, when the game Dragon Fishing 2 was officially released. This game has quickly attracted a lot of attention from the community of players who love shooting fish games in the country.

In the following article, Rummy Perfect would like to send you the latest information about this online fish shooting game. Those of you who want to join the game, please watch this share.

Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2.
Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2.

About Dragon Fishing 2

Dragon Fishing 2 is a popular and attractive online fish shooting game. With stunning graphics and vivid sound, the game gives players an exciting and dramatic gaming experience.

In Dragon Fishing 2, you will be transported into a beautiful underwater world where diverse and abundant fish species exist. Your mission is to use personal weapons and fish shooting skills to hunt high-value fish and make big profits.

The game gives you a variety of weapons and tools to choose from, from normal bullets to special ones like explosive bombs or explosive bullets. You can also upgrade your weapons and tools to increase your shooting power and your ability to catch fish.

Each type of fish in Dragon Fishing 2 has a different value and score. The rare fish will bring higher scores and big profits. However, these fish are often fast moving and difficult to shoot, requiring you to have skill and flair in aiming.

The game also gives you the opportunity to participate in events and challenges. Join tournaments, compete with other players around the world and try to get high on the leaderboard. These events often come with attractive rewards, creating a sense of excitement and challenge for you.

In addition, Dragon Fishing 2 also creates an environment of exchange and connection between players. You can share personal achievements, chat and express your creativity in gameplay. Through chatting and interacting with other players, you can learn and experience new things in the game.

Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2.
Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2.

Outstanding Advantages of Dragon Fish 2 Version

Version Shooting Arowana 2 brings many outstanding advantages, creating attractiveness and enjoyment for players. Here are the notable advantages of this version:

  • Stunning graphics and sounds: Shooting Arowana 2 focuses on creating a beautiful visual and audio experience. With exquisite graphic effects, vividly designed fishes, along with vivid sounds, players will be immersed in a lively and exciting underwater world.
  • Variety of fish: Shooting Arowana 2 offers a rich and diverse range of fish. From adorable little fish to rare giant fish, each fish has its own look and value. This creates a challenge and a desire to hunt and earn high profits.
  • Special Weapons and Skills: Shooting Arowana 2 offers many special weapons and skills for players to take advantage of. Special weapons such as explosive bombs, thunder or fish nets all help players increase their strength and ability to shoot fish effectively. Using and activating them is exciting and powerful.
  • Events and challenges: Shooting Arowana 2 often hosts daily, weekly or recurring events and challenges. This offers variety and fun for players, with the chance to win exciting rewards and compete against other players on the leaderboards.
  • Competition and exchange: Shooting Arowana 2 allows players to connect and compete with each other. You can challenge your friends or other players, compare scores and personal achievements. This exchange and competition creates a lively and interesting atmosphere.
  • Smooth playing experience: Shooting Arowana 2 is optimized to ensure a smooth and hassle-free playing experience. As a result, players can enjoy the game comfortably and without interruption.
  • Redemption system and gifts: Shooting Arowana 2 provides an attractive gift and reward system. Players can accumulate points and gifts from catching fish, completing quests or participating in events. This creates more motivation and desire for players.
  • With such outstanding advantages, Shooting Arowana 2 becomes an attractive and interesting online fish shooting game, giving players hours of great entertainment. Join and explore the colorful and exciting underwater world of Arowana Shooting 2 today!

Instructions on how to play Dragon Fishing 2

Dragon Fishing 2 Online is a fun and exciting online fish shooting game where you have the opportunity to hunt rare fish and make big profits. Here are instructions on how to play Dragon Fishing 2 Online:

  1. Log in and Choose a Table: If you are new to Dragon Fishing 2 for the first time, please visit Rummy Perfect website in the REGISTER section to quickly create an account for yourself to participate in the game shooting fish to exchange attractive prizes. guide. Then log in to your account in the game Dragon Fishing 2 Online. Then select the table you want to join. There are many tables with different bets and prizes, choose the one that suits your goals and budget.
  2. Betting and Choosing Weapons: Before you start, you need to place a bet by choosing a bet level that suits you. Then choose the weapon you want to use. Each weapon has different firing and damage, choose the weapon that suits your strategy.
  3. Aim Shoot and Catch Fish: When the fish appear on the screen, precisely aim at them and shoot to catch. Use the interface or move the mouse to move your target and press the fire button to launch the bullet. Try to catch the high value fish to increase the score and profit.
  4. Use Special Weapons: During the game, use special weapons to kill multiple fish at once or increase the shot power. Special weapons can be explosive bombs, frost, or area damage. Use them strategically to high efficiency and quickly destroy valuable fish.
  5. Collect Items and Rewards: During the game, pay attention to collect items and rewards that appear on the screen. These items can be extra ammo, explosive ammo, or special targets. Collect them to enhance your shooting and get extra score or cool rewards.
  6. Time and Budget Management: Dragon Fishing 2 Online has a limited time to play, manage your time effectively. Focus on shooting high value fish and avoid wasting time and ammo on low value small fish. At the same time, manage your budget and do not shoot too many fish that are not worth it.
  7. Track Achievements and Participate in Events: Dragon Fishing 2 Online has an achievement and event tracking system. Keep track of individual achievements and compare with other players on the leaderboard. Participate in in-game events for extra rewards and experience special matches.
Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2.
Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2.


Dragon Fishing 2 is a fun and addictive game where you can satisfy your passion for catching fish and compete with other players. With beautiful graphics, simple but attractive gameplay mechanics and a rich mission system, the game promises to bring you hours of relaxation and interesting entertainment.

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Latest guide on how to play Dragon Fishing 2

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